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Finance and Securities

Zhong Yin Law Firm is one of the oldest law firms specializing in financial and securities business with extensive experience in the financial sector including financial securities law, banking, insurance, trusts and funds. Over the years, Zhong Yin Law Firm has become involved in the chemical, coal, petroleum, insurance, and banks, and other important sectors of China’s state-owned enterprises in finance, securities, and insurance among many other projects. Zhong Yin Law Firm has provided legal services to more than 3000 Chinese companies, with more than 300 of these companies holding great influence on China’s market. In terms of the financial sector, Zhong Yin Law Firm has achieved especially excellent results in the financial sector with services provided to central banks, foreign banks, various commercial banks, policy banks, cooperative banks, joint-stock banks, trust and investment companies, asset management companies, and insurance companies.


Zhong Yin Law Firm has garnered a reputation in the financial sector for more than ten years and has expressed excellence and commitment in a specialized financing department providing services such as trade financing, project financing, and syndicated and commercial financing, becoming one of China’s most coveted financial legal teams. The Zhong Yin Business Financing team understands the challenges and needs of each involved party and looks to principles of Chinese legislation and relevant laws, regulations, and judicial practice to provide constructive design and solutions. Industries served include those of the energy, transportation, real estate, and other infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. Our clients include banks, developers, project companies, contractors and other related traders.
  • Equity Financing
  • Project Financing
  • Syndicated Loan and Commercial Financing
  • Short-term Lending (Callable Loan)
  • Loan Portfolio (Combined Loan)
  • BOT Project Construction
Zhong Yin Law Firm is among the first group of law firms approved by the Ministry of Justice, P.R.C. and China Securities Regulatory Commission to engage in securities legal service in March 1993, and so far, Zhong Yin Law Firm has provided high-quality legal services for more than 300 listed companies in China (about 1/5 of the total listed companies in Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchange). These services include shareholding reform, A shares, corporate shares, B shares, and H shares allotment for listed companies, issuance of transferable bonds, acquisition, and assets reorganization. With years of practice, Zhong Yin Law Firm has cultivated an experienced team of securities lawyers, and has firmly built a highly reputable “ZHONG YIN LAWYER” brand in the field of securities legal services.
  • Issuance and listing of shares for Chinese enterprises at home and abroad
  • Issuance and listing of shares for foreign-invested enterprises at home and abroad
  • Separate listing for enterprises affiliated to domestic listed companies
  • Issuance and listing of convertible bonds, corporate bonds, financial bonds for joint stock companies
  • Private Placement
  • Asset Securitization
  • Asset Replacement
  • Equity Transfer

Zhong Yin Law Firm established a special banking department as early as its founding in the 1990s, our business scope covering financing structure design, project due diligence investigation, project files examination, legal consultation services, drafting and revising loan agreements and security text, advising and revising services, participating in negotiation, and providing legal opinions. These services demonstrate variety of the extensive, specialized / comprehensive and professional banking legal service for Chinese-funded banks, share-holding banks, and sub-branches of foreign banks in China. We are composed of senior banking law experts and young outstanding lawyers who together form the core of providing advantageous services at ZHONG YIN LAW FIRM. Developed over ten years, we have served as legal advisor for major banks and financial institutions of China and offered top legal services in hundreds of cases, demonstrating ZHONG YIN LAW FIRM’s high reputation in the industry.
  • Syndicated Loans and Commercial Loans
  • Non-performing Assets
  • Venture Capital
  • International Finance
  • Financial Derivatives​​​​​​​

Zhong Yin Law Firm, along with a group of professional insurance lawyers with holding backgrounds rich in theoretical principles and practical experience, serves as permanent legal advisor for multiple well-known insurance group companies and their subsidiaries both at home and abroad, acting as an agent for multiple large-size insurance companies for IPO and listing of stocks. Zhong Yin Law Firm helps domestic and overseas companies to develop strong foundations prior to joining as insurance joint-venture companies and equity transfers. We also provide insurance applicants and beneficiaries with legal consultation and actions and arbitration. Zhong Yin Law Firm receives extensive praise from clients and enjoys a notable reputation in the industry. We have gained approval from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission for the qualification to act as a part-time insurance agent with and maintain long-term close connections with governmental regulatory departments like the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other professional institutions. Zhong Yin Law Firm is in a leading position to provide relevant insurance legal services.
  • Offering consultation, agency and other related services in the establishment, merger, division, changes, disorganization, liquidation, cancellation of insurance companies and their subsidiaries as well as insurance intermediary institutions.
  • Serving as a permanent legal advisor for insurance companies and their subsidiaries as well as insurance intermediary institutions to offer all-round legal services including operation administration, development of insurance products, design of insurance programs, examination on significant insurance contracts, insurance credit investigation, settlement of insurance loss, intermediation of insurance disputes, etc.
  • Assisting insurance applicants in preparing insurance strategies and selecting insurance classes, participating in contract negotiation, modifying contract text, and participating in intermediation of insurance claims and insurance disputes
  • Legal service of air transportation and marine cargo insurance, and foreign-related insurance
  • Acting as an agent in arbitration of insurance disputes and court cases
Zhong Yin Law Firm is not only familiar with legal services in issuing domestic securities investment funds and trust products, but also experienced in application for QFII License, operation of QFII, as well as other administrative services of cross-border assets.
  • Establishment of domestic and foreign-invested fund management companies
  • Legal feasibility study and demonstration of fund products
  • Providing legal opinions on various affairs of fund transfer companies
  • Year-round advisory services for fund companies
  • Drafting legal documents for a variety of fund distributions, issuing a variety of funds and drafting related legal documents​​​​​​​
Zhong Yin Law Firm has rich practicing experience and a knowledgeable background in the field of trust, and is able to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of its clients to the maximum. The Trusts Department of ZHONG YIN LAWER consists of professional and keen-witted lawyers who are proficient in trust-related laws and regulations and have reliable professional diathesis and occupational integrity.
  • Trust Fund
  • Property Trust
  • Entrusting to manage and invest in fund trust
  • Corporate finance, project financing trust
  • Commissioned safe-keeping trust
  • Other legal services in the trust industry​​​​​​​
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
The specialized M&A Team formed by Zhong Yin Law Firm is one of the earliest founded M&A focused professional legal teams in China. The M&A Team has handled hundreds of listed company legal cases and has established a solid business relationship with countless experts, teams, agencies, and legal advisors relevant to M&A transactions.
  • Tender offers for listed companies
  • Asset reorganization of listed companies
  • Foreign capital mergers of listed companies
  • RTO (Shell acquisition)
  • Crisis management/resolution for listed companies
  • Resumption of suspended listed companies