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Kevin Lin
Working Languages:
English, Mandarin, Taiwanese

Kevin Lin

  • University of Cambridge, MBA
  • National Taiwan University LL.B, and BA Finance

Kevin’s professional background is in finance and law, and he has gained a considerable amount of experience in litigation and non-litigation cases. In non-litigation, Kevin’s expertise is in the realms of finance, derivatives, and commodities structures. Furthermore, with his combined knowledge of finance and law, he is able to provide clients with comprehensive services such as syndicated loans, asset securitization, aircraft leasing, antitrust law, domestic IPO counseling, securities, banking, insurance, funds, public company mergers and acquisitions, corporate legal risk management, direct foreign investment, and international investments.

In litigation, Kevin has handled local criminal and civil, public disturbance, and family law proceedings. In his practice, Kevin emphasizes the disposable and diverse nature of solving disputes, and is able to effectively project manage foreign litigation cases as well as contribute in international collaborations.

Kevin pays special interest to participation in and contribution to the public domain. In the past ten years, he has provided legal services to more than 5000 people through the Legal Aid Foundation. Such services include civil and criminal proceedings, transfers/reconciliation, debt negotiation, rehabilitation and liquidation, and other legal advising and support. In recent years, Kevin has actively overseen government legal projects and legal training.

Before his current role as Partner at Zhong Yin Law Firm, Kevin was at local firms Lee & Li and TC Masters. He was also previously Legal Manager at TMT.

  • Taiwan Bar Association
  • Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association